How safe is your community?
At an event held in December 2022, hosted by UWCNY, Caryn Lieberman of Global News
explored how a Danforth family turned tragedy into activism. Claire Smith and
Ken Price, whose daughter Samantha survived the 2018 Danforth shooting
described how this life-altering event galvanized them to become ardent gun
control activists.  They founded Danforth Families for Safe Communities – a
support network for the other families impacted by the shooting.

International Women’s Day Pink Tea

UWCNY held its Inaugural Pink Tea in Honour of the Famous 5 and in Celebration of International Women’s Day on March 8, 2022.

71 members attended on ZOOM.

Participants received pink tea boxes with afternoon tea treats compliments of Delmanor.   


Guest speaker Wanda Bedard from 60 million girls Foundation spoke about Girls’ Education: A Conversation of Consequence.

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How 5 women changed Canada forever over a cup of tea. 

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