Our October general meeting is designated Education Night.  Guests from our partner institutions and recent award recipients are invited to attend and meet our members.  Their brief thank you speeches are always heart-warming and well received. 

We are also sent many letters expressing gratitude from those women using our scholarships to further their education:

I would like to earnestly thank the University Womens Club of North York for presenting me with the Arts Award. Throughout my high school career, I have devoted myself to being an active member of my community. Whether it be contributing to my schools arts and culture scene, planning enriching heritage assemblies, or organizing charitable initiatives outside of school, I have thrived from my time here as a Visual Arts student in the Claude Watson Program. The efforts Ive put forth as a leader within my community has allowed me to build diverse and inclusive spaces as well as lift up the voices of those who would otherwise go unheard, and receiving this accolade affirms all of those efforts. Within my artistic body of work, I like to experiment with concepts of sustainability and natural materials. I am extremely fortunate to be able to pursue art further as a student of Environmental and Interior Design at Toronto Metropolitan University next year. With the support this award graciously gives me, I will pursue these goals in my post-secondary career and beyond, using my devotion to the arts and community to promote more sustainable and inclusive design spaces.

J.A., Claude Watson School for the Arts, 2023


I am in my third year of the Bachelor of community mental health program at Seneca. I started this field with the love of helping others, especially women. Every semester I enjoy my courses more and more because I learn more about how I can mentally help others when they need help. My mission is to help others, which gives me inner satisfaction.

I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for supporting me in this way and making me more determined in this path of help that I have taken. It is a great feeling to know that there are still kind people who help and support others without expectations.

I hope I can return this help to someone in need in the future. Your help means a lot to me; it is not only financial support but also a good feeling of being in a supportive environment.
A.R.,Seneca Polytechnic, 2023