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University Women’s Club North York General Meetings

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September 27, 2021        7.00 pm

Thunder Woman Healing  Lodge

Patti Pettigrew, Founder, Thunder Woman Healing Lodge Society, will talk about restoring identity and creating opportunities for Indigenous women after prison.        Read the recap here


October 25, 2021            7.00 pm

How the Immune System Thinks

Dr. Tak Mak, PhD, Senior Scientist, UHN and Prof. at U of T, will talk about his research on the interconnection of the brain and the Immune system.  Read the recap here

November 22, 2021        7.00 pm

Basic Income

Hugh Segal, former Conservative Senator, Chief of Staff Premier Davis, P.M. Mulroney, architect of Ontario’s basic income pilot, will present the economic and social benefits of Basic Income.  Read recap here

January 31, 2022        7.00 pm 

Women: The Backbone of Africa

Bianca Marais, author, teacher, and social initiative founder, will talk about her life growing up in South Africa, and helping the women who stepped into the breach to mother the motherless children.  Read recap here


February 28, 2022            7.00 pm

Unconscious Bias

Tanya De Mello, Director of Human Rights Ryerson University, and lawyer, delves into how we make choices and offers strategies for tackling our unconscious biases.  Read recap here 

March 28, 2022         7.00 pm

 Views of Homelessness

Leah den Bok, photographer, will share her experience taking photographs and learning the poignant stories of people living on the streets of Toronto and elsewhere.  Read the recap here

April 25, 2022              7.00 pm

Human Trafficking

Deborah Pond, former RCMP officer with Border Control, and on international assignments, will speak about her present work with the York Region anti-human trafficking sector helping young women.  Read recap here

May 25, 2022                7:00  pm

Yonge Street in the Rear view Mirror

Marla Weingarten, Director, North York Historical Society, takes us along the historical path from dirt to gravel, from horses to cars to discover the many hidden stories of Yonge Street, the most iconic street in Canada.  Read recap here


June 7, 2022                7:00  pm

When Canada Led the World in Public Health

James FitzGerald, Journalist and Author, will talk about his grandfather, Dr. Gerry FitzGerald, and the founding of Connaught Laboratories. Drawing upon his award-winning book, Mr. FitzGerald, will take us through the story of how one visionary Toronto doctor saw the need for a truly public health system. Read recap here