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April Speaker RECAP

Our April speaker, Dr. Jenny Kay Dupuis, grew up in the Nipissing First Nation hearing little about her family history. When Jenny was a teenager, her grandmother told her how she was forced to go live in a residential school, where she was treated cruelly. Her grandmother’s experience was the basis of Jenny’s children’s book I am not a Number, a 2018 Silver Birch Express Award Nominee. Discovering that “People were unfamiliar with residential schools,” Jenny decided it was time to break the silence, “speak up, share the truth about my community and counter stereotypes, racism and misinformation.” Her book is the result.

To find out more about her book click here.

With thanks to our club archivist.

REDress Project – York University

The REDress Project uses red dresses to draw attention to Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women (MMIW) in Canada. Using donated red dresses, Metis artist Jaime Black  has created an installation art project that serves as a visual reminder of the missing and murdered women, girls and two-spirited persons.

The REDress Project is part of a week of special events running from March 5 to 9. Find out more here.

Walking with our Sisters

October 15-29, 2017

“Walking with our Sisters”, a touring art show honouring missing and murdered Indigenous women, will be in Toronto October 15-29 at the Aboriginal Education Centre, 90 Croatia St. (Dufferin Subway).

A very large number of moccasin vamps beaded by volunteers “with a prayer for every bead” will be displayed in a religious design on the floor. Visitors will leave their shoes at the door before walking around area where at times there will be ceremonies.



Group of women

Our Walk a Mile in her Shoes team 2017

“We must open the doors and we must see to it they remain open, so that others can pass through.”

“Sisterhood is powerful.”

Rosemary Brown, politician, activist

The University Women’s Club of North York (UWCNY) envisions a world where all women and  girls are safe, have equal opportunities and are empowered to reach their potential. UWCNY is a member of Canadian Federation of University Women (CFUW) and Graduate Women International (GWI). There are over 100 clubs across Canada.


What is Advocacy?

Advocacy is an activity by an individual or group which aims to influence decisions within political, economic, and social systems and institutions. In this perspective, advocacy is a key element of democracy as it secures the voice of the voiceless in political dialogues aimed at the common good.

 Why do we do it?

  • To promote gender equality
  • To express views and concerns on policies related to girls and women’s rights
  • To support actions and policies that protect girls and women’s rights
  • To promote access to education for girls and women
  • To bring changes that will positively transform the lives of girls and women around the world

How do we do it?

Advocacy is at the heart of UWCNY activities.

  1. Using our policies and resolutions to lobby the appropriate levels of government, whether municipal, provincial or federal to affect  changes which will enhance the status of women and girls.
  2. Collaborating with community organizations.
  3. Raising money to provide scholarships for university and college education for girls and women.
  4. Participating at the CFUW, Ontario Council, Toronto Caucus by sending delegates and providing funding to these delegates.
  5. Reviewing and proposing Resolutions: The clubs submit, amend and vote on resolutions which, if agreed upon, become CFUW, GWI or OC policy respectively. The policies are developed into action plans for the clubs to act upon.
  6. Watching for emerging issues of interest that could have a big impact. For those issues where there is interest and resources, encourage interested members to study and assess to determine if we need to advocate.

Key areas where UWCNY advocate :

      1. Violence Against Women
      2. Indigenous Affairs
      3. Health
      4. Poverty, housing
      5. Early Learning and Child Care