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Annual Book Sale – March 26


Our book sale will be at the March general meeting; the sale is from 7:00 – 7:30 pm and after the meeting.

If you have books to donate, please bring them at 6:45 pm.
We’d like recent (less than 5 or 6 years old), gently used books.
We accept fiction or non-fiction, hardcover or paperback.

We sell them at $5 each so they must be in good shape. Cash sales only.

Proceeds go to the UWCNY Scholarship Fund.

So, what are you reading?

Next up for discussion with the Book Review group is The Mystery of Princess Louise: Queen Victoria’s Rebellious Daughter written by Lucinda Hawksley.

The book has been described as “Satisfyingly replete with eye-popping stories of life at the various palaces”  by Rachel Cooke – Observer 

To see what else is on the book reading lists, members may go to Member Sign In and click on Interest and Study Groups.

These groups have room for new members

Schedule for Interest Groups. Click here.

 Art Appreciation The theme this year will be Woman Artists throughout history. Previous art history knowledge not required; the only prerequisite is a love of art.

Arts Around Toronto Visiting various places of cultural interest followed by a sociable lunch in a nearby restaurant is the focus for this group. Members are encouraged to sign up quickly for events as some venues limit numbers.                         

Baby Boomers Plus Members choose and plan social outings with no pre-work/studying. e.g. visits to galleries, restaurants, theatre, holding potlucks, and doing interesting crafts. Fun events and socializing is our focus.

NEW! Badminton Club members are invited to play non-competitive doubles badminton with the Church of the Ascension Badminton Club in Don Mills twice a week from September to May. 

Books – Between the Covers Book list and schedules are planned at the June Meeting, alternating fiction and non-fiction books, for the coming year. At each meeting a member reviews a book followed by a very lively discussion.

NEW! Book club Monday Afternoon Book list will be chosen in September.

Book Review We discuss one or two books that we have read. One person gives an introduction to the author, reads some reviews from the press, then the members contribute their opinions in a very relaxed, non-threatening discussion.

Book Trade Group doesn’t meet. Recent fiction and non-fiction are chosen; members pay for 1 book. Every 3 weeks, books are passed on. Everyone will read 9-10 books and keep the last one. Group closes after September 25th meeting.

Euchre ll Meets twice a month

Foodies Meets every month or so at members’ homes for friendship, recipes, and food.

French/Français For members who enjoy speaking French and wish to maintain listening and speaking skills. Activities include: readings, French films, plays, and restaurants. All members of the group help to plan and host meetings

Global Concerns Interesting discussions about social and economic issues.

Lawn Bowling We meet May to September at the Willowdale Lawn Bowling Club, 150 Beecroft Rd.

Life Skills The Life Skills group discussions range from ethical concerns, health information, good books, hidden treasures of Toronto, planning for change, and other topics of interest.

Movie Matinee Group Come and enjoy other members’ company during and after an afternoon movie.

Status of Women and Human Rights  We are an advocacy oriented group, focusing on issues of interest to women. This Fall the focus will be on electoral reform, guaranteed income, pharmacare and others.

Table Hoppers We go all over the city: have fun, good food, and conversation. Members take turns hosting: make reservations, ensure restaurant will give separate cheques, is still open.

To be or Not to be This group attends local theatre productions

Walk and Talk Research indicates that lively activity enhances physical and mental health. So join our congenial group as we enjoy nature in parks and ravines. We walk twice a month on cleared paths, and we always carry a cellphone.

The following bridge groups are looking for SPARES (but not new members).

  • Bridge ’96 Afternoon
  • Bridge Duplicate II Afternoon – Friendly, two-table duplicate bridge group.
  • Basic Bridge Afternoon –  We are a fun group; skills range from limited to more experienced. Twice a month
  • Bridge Alpha Afternoon – Contract bridge, two tables. Twice a month
  • Bridge Duplicate Evening
  • Bridge Duplicate ll Evening








The following groups are currently full


 Schedule for Interest Groups. Click here.

Book Club: The Next Chapter A monthly book discussion group; a member reviews a book – fiction or non-fiction.

Book Study l Our theme for this year is books written with the last five years, which members of the group particularly liked.

Bridge ’96  Afternoon

Bridge Duplicate II  Afternoon We are a very friendly, two-table duplicate bridge group.

Bridge Alpha  Afternoon Contract bridge, two tables. Twice a month

Basic Bridge  Afternoon  We are a fun group. Skills range from limited to more experienced players. Twice a month

Bridge Duplicate Evening

Bridge Duplicate ll Evening

Euchre l Members play monthly at each other’s homes in the afternoon.

Food with Flair Members prepare a meal and enjoy good food and conversation.

Fun And Games l Members play board, word, and card games in a fun and relaxing atmosphere. Anything but bridge!

Games ll Members play board, word, and card games in a fun and relaxing atmosphere.    

Looneyspoons A member-prepared food and conversation group

Mahjong l (American) meets twice a month

New! Mahjong ll (American) Beginners meets twice a month

Not Sister Wendy’s Art Group Members choose an artist and focus discussion on that artist over coffee and munchies.

Play Reading Members take turns selecting a play to read at each meeting. Parts are assigned, and after the reading, we briefly discuss the play and our reactions to it.