Advocacy Actions

Affordable Housing

For many years, our Club has advocated for Affordable Housing as it has been and still is a serious problem in our communities.

Last spring, CFUW Ontario Council passed a resolution urging “the Government of Ontario and municipal governments to cooperate through laws, bylaws and policies to guarantee that plans for redevelopment and new development for housing, and land use intensification, ensure that a full range of mixed income housing be integrated in urban communities”. UWCNY voted to support this resolution. Click here to read more info.

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Universal Pharmacare 

Why a universal pharmacare plan makes sense — now

Here are four reasons why Canada needs a universal, public pharmacare program and Canadians should make it happen now.

  1. Access to essential medicines is a human right – according to the World Health Organization (WHO).
  2. It would save lives. Canada’s patchwork of private and public drug plans leaves millions of Canadians without coverage.
  3. It would save billions of dollars every year. Canadians spend 50 per cent more per capita on pharmaceuticals than residents of the United Kingdom, Sweden, New Zealand and several other countries with universal pharmacare programs.
  4. It would help Canadian businesses. The rising costs of pharmaceuticals are a growing burden for businesses. Part of the problem is that Canadian employers waste between $3 billion and $5 billion per year because employment-related private insurance is ill-equipped to manage pharmaceutical costs effectively.

To make pharmacare a reality for Canada, citizens need to get informed and involved. If they support the idea of universal public pharmacare, they need to let others, particularly elected officials and political candidates, know they care and that they will support a government that takes action. Without such a groundswell of public engagement, it is unlikely the federal government will implement a universal pharmacare program any time soon.

16 Days of Action Against Gender-Based Violence 

 An Invitation to Participate

CFUW 16 Days, 16 Actions, from November 25, International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women, to December 10, International Human Rights Day, gives our members an opportunity to participate in some “action”.  

We suggest that each of us make one phone call or send one email to our Member of Parliament about a proposed tougher federal law on workplace harassment.

Women are coming forward from varied work environments, including the Federal government, where they have been harassed by men in power or control.

Members can find out more in the Members section – Advocacy – Violence against women.