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At the annual May dinner our speaker, Jim Hayhurst , will be selling his book “The Right Mountain – Lessons From Everest On the Real Meaning of Success” for $30 cash or cheque.


Recap March Speaker

Our March speaker was author and historian, Barbara Dickson, who related the fascinating, but little-known story, of the World War II munitions plant located in Scarborough.

There were 21,000 employees of whom 17,000 were women. The Bomb Girls’ job was to fill fuses with ammunition; they completed 258 million and were so careful that there was not one explosion at the plant. Before starting their shift the women had to undergo extensive safety precautions such as wearing only cotton items and removing anything made of metal.

After the war, most evidence of the plant’s existence was obliterated; the underground tunnels still remain.

If you’d like to find out more, read Barbara’s book,  “Bomb Girls-Trading Aprons for Ammo.”

Walk-A-Mile in Her Shoes Campaign

Fight Violence Against Women on May 29, 2019

Join our UWCNY Team as a walker and ask your friends and family to pledge support to end violence against women in Canada. Pledge Forms will be made available at the March general meeting.

If you prefer to “sit this one out”, please consider sponsoring one of our members on the UWCNY Team by signing their Pledge Form at the Walk A Mile table at the March and April General Meetings.

Grace Morgan Annual Dinner

Wednesday, May 22, 2019
Speaker: Jim Hayhurst  on “The Real Meaning of Success”

You can buy tickets to our Annual May Dinner at the March and April General Meetings. Deadline for ordering tickets is May 7, 2019.

For more details see the March newsletter.


Book Sale March 25, 2019 7 pm

Jill Reeve’s Favourite Book Sale

Our popular used book sale, to benefit our Scholarship Fund, will be held at
the March General Meeting. We want to sell current books, award winners,

coffee table books, books for which our members will happily spend $5.
Please bring your book donations by 6:45 pm if possible.

Books usually sell quickly so if you want to pick up a book or two for quiet
evening reading, or for your next vacation, come early. Thank you
in advance for your donations and your purchases.


RECAP February Speaker

According to Dr. Janet Rossant some day the human body will be able to fix and even prevent disease thanks to the wonders of stem cell and gene/DNA regenerative therapies. The ultimate goal, she explained, is to correct disease “by removing diseased cells, editing them into healthy ones, then re-inserting them.” This was the exciting message our February speaker gave us.

With thanks to the club Archivist.

So, what are you reading?

In December the Book Review group read The Stranger in the Woods: The Extraordinary Story of the Last True Hermit by Michael Finkel. According to the group leader “It was interesting and elicited a fair amount of discussion.” Read a synopsis here

This group has space for more members.