RECAP November Speaker


Toronto children’s author, Rona Arato, told us about her award-winning book “The Last Train” which harrowingly recounts how her late husband, Paul, survived a concentration camp and Nazi death train when a young Jewish boy.

Paul and his family lived a segregated but peaceful life in Hungary. In 1944 the Nazis sent Paul’s father into forced labour; Paul and the rest of his family eventually ended up in Bergen Belsen concentration camp. In 1945 Paul, his mother and brother, and other Jews of this camp were locked into train boxcars headed for execution. After four and a half hellish days of travel, they were liberated by American soldiers.

Rona’s message to readers and listeners: “You can’t stop war on the other side of the world but you can prevent hate and bullying from getting a foothold in your school and community.”

with thanks to our club Archivist.